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Unicon Software is your competent partner regarding Cloud Computing Solutions in combination with thin clients. Since 1993 we are developing and enhancing our cloud computing software solutions in order to offer companies and organizations flexible, cost-efficient and secure IT solutions. Our Linux-based and hardware independent operating system eLux® as well as the management solution Scout Enterprise Management Suite® are the perfect software solutions deployed in a centralized IT architecture. These thin client computing solutions are suitable for different kinds of branches. Scout Enterprise and eLux are flexible solutions since small and medium sized enterprises (SME) or companies employing several thousand employees can benefit enormously from the various advantages. The approach: data is no longer stored locally on an individual work station and has to be secured continuously. Nowadays company´s data is stored safely on a central server with guaranteed high availability at any time and from any place in the world. Actually, server based computing is possible with the use of different kinds of terminal devices. A local connection to the company’s network is not essential. Data centers are linked by solid internet connections. Thus, it is easily possible for foreign branches or employees working in a home office, reaching the company´s data at any time. This principle works worldwide as long as there is a working internet connection in combination with a suitable remote desktop application available.
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Cloud Computing is the perfect basis for a centralized IT

Cloud Computing is the perfect basis for thin client solutions, because data is stored on a secure, central server structure and can be reached from all over the world. The service provider of cloud services offers the technical infrastructure and guarantees high availability.
The technical infrastructure is always available and the effective workflow is never in danger. Even when a server has to be shut down for example for maintenance or drops out due to a sudden technical defect, it is possible to continue the workflow due to the reason that data is redundantly stored on several servers. Cloud computing secures data against intentional or unintentional deletion. Company data can be stored on external systems – permanently or in intervals. If data gets lost, obsolete versions can easily be restored. A history of all modifications in data can be provided as well. Administrators are able to adjust in order which settings can be changed by the employees and which not. Therefore, administrators are able to control all modifications executed.
Thin clients are less expensive than regular PCs when it comes to the original costs. Furthermore, thin clients offer a longer average life period than regular PCs. Due to their small frames of the thin clients and the low heat development produced, there is no need for additional noisy ventilators. The lower energy demand is an advantageous contribution to „Green IT”, which makes information technology more attractive and environmentally-friendly.

Hardware independence and the ability to migrate

The hardware independent thin client computing solutions provided by Unicon Software are easy to handle without special knowledge of Linux. You can use thin clients by Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Futros), Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, NEXterminal, Samsung, VXL Instruments or devices from other manufacturers. Install eLux instead of the previous operating system and a cost effective migration process can be initiated. These flexible thin client computing software solutions ensure that even during a time-consuming migration process the same programs can be used on existing work stations as well as on the new thin clients. The employees can work effectively on every workstation regardless of whether this is a common PC or the latest thin client type. With the aid of a remote desktop solution employees always get access to the programs that are 100 % securely stored in the cloud. There is no loss of productivity and safety risks are excluded as well.
The best possible ability for migration means, that every acquired Scout Enterprise and eLux license can be transferred free of charge to the new hardware. If existing PCs are written off, they will simply be replaced by the more economically working thin clients. This migration procedure ensures that the switch into the world of thin client computing takes place at minimum costs. Benefit from the full depreciation period of the still existing hardware types, since the migration process to a complete thin client architecture follows gradually.
This process creates cost advantages and reduces possible problems in acquiring new hardware. Another advantage is that the planning of roll-out processes and consolidations of IT infrastructures is more easy to accomplish by using our thin client computing solutions Scout Enterprise and eLux.

Management solution Scout Enterprise Management Suite

The management solution Scout Enterprise is the device manager for managing thin clients as well as common PCs running with the hardware independent operating system eLux. Scout Enterprise offers configuration, application- and asset management as well as support via the extensive help desk functionalities.
eLux is based on a write-protected file system and therefore this thin client operating system is totally secure against computer viruses and other malware. This exactly complies with the high-level requirements of today’s IT security – at lowest costs! There is absolutely no need of additional antivirus software.
Today more than 1.000.000 clients in about 45 countries are equipped with eLux, those clients are managed centrally by Scout Enterprise – including the world’s largest thin client installation based in Germany at the Finanz Informatik. The Finanz Informatik is the IT service provider of the German Savings Banks Finance Group. Find here the case study regarding world´s largest thin client computing installation.
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