Benefit from the highest level of security, since there are no local data on your client. The read-only data file system is highly protected against attacks by viruses or trojans.



Welcome to a secure, flexible, modular and portable cloud client computing experience for your remote workforce with the eLux Portable offering by Unicon Software. Centralized offices are getting distributed and decentralized at a fast rate. Your workforce is becoming increasingly diversified and remote. Computing or Digital Workspaces as we know it, are available through the cloud – 24/7 – as, when and how we want. Enterprises can upscale or downgrade the compute requirements for the workspaces based on real-time, actual demands and needs of the workforce.

eLux Portable by Unicon Software

eLux Portable by Unicon Software is the industry leading eLux RP Thin Client OS on a USB stick. Unicon Software is enabling businesses to leverage the flexibility and ease of working remotely. Employees can now plug & work with the eLux Portable in any x86 end point device such as a desktop, laptop or thin client and get access to their digital workspace anytime, anywhere. They no longer need any technical expertise and can easily boot up to an eLux OS experience from the comfort of their homes or remote workplace.

Plug & work with eLux OS on a USB stick.

Your license always stays secure on the server.


Employees affected by mandatory remote working requirements as a result of the current #Covid19 crisis can access their digital workspaces via the eLux Portable offering by Unicon Software. The eLux Portable has the following benefits:

  • Existing equipment can be re-purposed
  • No dedicated thin client needed
  • No technical expertise required
  • Zero additional licensing cost*

*eLux Portable with Scout Enterprise Management Suite has no licensing cost till 31st Oct 2020.


eLux Portable by Unicon Software has minimal hardware requirements and needs zero technical know-how to get started. Employees that are locked out from their traditional workplaces can easily boot up their computers and access their digital workspaces in less than 5 minutes. The eLux Portable has the following features:

  • Works with most x86 client device platforms
  • Minimum 4GB storage drive capacity
  • No company data gets stored locally
  • USB stick can be easily prepared
  • Requires a stable internet connection

Your workspace delivered. Any device. Any time. Anywhere.

Reboot your office

Scout Enterprise Cloud Gateway by Unicon Software enables companies to deploy and manage client devices outside of the company network. Employees working on their client devices can work seamlessly without worrying about security. Scout Enterprise Cloud Gateway has the following benefits for companies that want to:

  • Provide a unified digital workspace to employees
  • Manage devices across Private, Public, Hybrid clouds
  • Adapt to newer ways of working with a diverse workforce
  • Reduce additional licensing costs*
  • Ensure security anytime, any where

*Scout Enterprise Cloud Gateway is part of your existing eLux & Scout Enterprise Management Suite License till further notice.

Getting started

eLux Portable by Unicon Software is designed to work with any compatible x86 end point device such as a laptop or a desktop. Get started on your digital workspace as follows:

  • Insert an eLux Portable USB
  • Boot up your end point, client device
  • Access your BIOS menu through F11/F12 key
  • Choose eLux OS in the boot menu
  • Sign in to your digital workspace
  • Start your work!

Get started on your cloud journey today!

Create your eLux Portable Stick

Creating the eLux Portable stick is a seamless process. Follow steps listed below to get started on how you can create your first eLux Portable stick to get access to your digital workspace – anytime, anywhere, from any device. First time users need to register prior to any downloads.

  • Register/Login to www.myelux.com
  • Click on eLux Portable section
  • Download eLux Portable ZIP-archive
  • Extract files from archive
  • Run StickWizz as administrator
  • Create your eLux Portable stick

Create eLux Portable with StickWizz

Why Unicon Software

Unicon Software is a leading provider for Cloud Client Computing Solutions and has the industry leading eLux® RP Thin Client OS and Scout Enterprise Management Suite® ideal for running and managing large fleets of thin clients across an organization.

Unicon’s flexible licensing policies also make it extremely easy and convenient to implement SBC, VDI approaches using existing IT hardware such as desktops and laptops.

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