2020-05-11 Press Release eLux Portable

The highest-level flexible working and security, even on the move!

And it’s completely FREE[1], until 31st October 2020.

Karlsruhe, Germany 11th May 2020.  Unicon Software, a leading provider for Cloud Computing Solutions and specialist in Thin Client Computing Software, are launching the latest version of their hardware independent operating system, eLux® Portable. This latest product, a highly secure Linux based operating systems for x86 machines on a USB Drive, ensures business continuity through remote working. No matter the location, easily deployed by a USB drive, the workforce has access to all their applications and data, whilst being fully protected by enterprise grade security.

eLux® Portable has been specifically designed for the distributed / remote worker and given the current need for many employees to be working from home, provides peace of mind, that businesses can operate and function normally, with no risk of data breach.

The eLux® Portable solution can be effortlessly enabled on any operating system by using a USB drive (either USB2.0 or USB3.0) with a minimum capacity of 4GB. The host PC operating system and any files remain wholly unaffected, as everything runs from the USB Drive. The User Interface is simple and intuitive, whilst remaining fully customisable, allowing centralised management and configuration for individual requirements, when used in conjunction with Scout Enterprise Management Suite® and Scout Enterprise Cloud Gateway.

Tobias Weilbeer, Unicon Software, Chief Technology Officer commented, “We have been working on a robust cloud solution for remote working for some time and with the current Covid 19 situation, we re-focussed our development teams, which enabled us to accelerate the release. We are very happy to have a solution that works exactly the same remotely, bringing all of the advantages of office based Thin Client Computing, anywhere!”

Benefits at a glance

  • Deploy locally – manage centrally; full control over every endpoint
  • Requires an x86 host PC with USB capability
  • Everything is run via eLux® Portable on the USB drive
  • No company data is stored on the eLux® Portable
  • Highly customisable - enterprise control and management
  • Enterprise grade security – always updated           
  • Simplified Licensing, easy migration and long-term support
  • Perfect for any organisation implementing BYOD, remote working or, as the current Covid 19 has forced, business continuity processes by working from home.


About Unicon Software

Unicon Software Entwicklungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH is an experienced provider of cloud computing solutions combined with thin client infrastructures. Unicon has been developing cloud computing software since 1993 and provides enterprises with IT solutions which are flexible, cost-effective and secure. Unicon’s software solutions include the Linux-based, hardware-independent operating system eLux® and the Scout Enterprise Management Suite®, both of which are ideally suited for centralized IT landscapes. At present, eLux runs on more than 1.5 million thin clients in 65 countries.

For detailed information, please visit www.unicon-software.com .

Press Contact:

Unicon Software Entwicklungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Eric Schreyer
Requirements Manager & Marketing
Park Tower
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 26
76131 Karlsruhe
Tel.: +49 (0)721 96451-0

[1] After the Free period the Scout Enterprise Management Server will apply an eLux & Scout Enterprise Management license to the eLux® Portable software.