Cloud Computing Solutions with Thin Clients and PCs

Unicon Software projects and implements cloud computing solutions in combination with thin clients as well as regular PCs. We are continuously developing the operating system eLux® and the management solution Scout Enterprise Management Suite®.

Our software adjusts perfectly to customers’ requirements  – across all industries and sectors

Our clients are companies in the industry, trade and financial sectors as well as several public institutions. As developers of the operating system eLux we are able to precisely respond to your specific requirements. Competent and prompt support services are very important to us, as is flexible and easy-to-use license management.

With the provided software updates (Subscription) our customers benefit from every single enhancement of the management software Scout Enterprise Management Suite and of the hardware-independent operating system eLux.

Customers can choose if they want to benefit from the latest features and innovative technology which are provided by our Current Releases on a quarterly basis. For large environments, however, customers might prefer Long Term Service Releases with extended release cycles between major versions to simplify on-going maintenance while they still receive minor updates and security fixes.

Unicon supervises the world´s largest thin client installation which involves more than 225.000 workstations.

But, even if you only need few workstations, we are the perfect partner for you!