Hardware-independent Operating System for Cloud Computing

eLux® is a hardware-independent operating system for cloud computing environments. It is based on a write protected file system and therefore secure against computer viruses and other malware without using special Antivirus Software. eLux has been continuously developed and enhanced for more than 15 years.

More than 1.5 million thin clients in about 65 countries are already equipped with hardware-independent eLux

Important thin client manufacturers like Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, NEXterminal, Samsung or VXL Instruments equip their hardware with eLux. This flexible and easy to use operating system works on thin clients as well as in combination with conventional PC hardware. It is designed for x86 processors.

You only need to acquire an eLux license once and can use it unlimited

eLux ensures hardware independence and migration ability. An existing license can simply be transferred via Scout Enterprise whenever the hardware is upgraded. Every license comes with a 12-months-update-and-upgrade-guarantee (Subscription). New updates and upgrades are always built modular – only the changed parts (delta) of the software are transferred to the device and implemented into the existing installation. Software updates and upgrades are available around the clock at myelux.com.

eLux has very few hardware requirements. Its composition is modular and easily scalable, while administration is carried out centrally through our management solution Scout Enterprise.

eLux is the perfect operating system for cloud computing access devices and supports server-access through the integrated Citrix Desktop Receiver (HDX) as well as through PCoIP by VMware and Remote Desktop by Microsoft.