Scout Enterprise

Managing Thin Clients and PCs

Scout Enterprise Management Suite® is the easy and intuitive to use management solution for Thin Clients and PCs working with the operating system eLux®. The device manager can also manage devices running Windows operating systems such as Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7, and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise to some extent.

Using Scout Enterprise, administrators may define an eLux software image for all thin clients and PCs of an entire company including the relevant application packages according to the user requirements. For this procedure, the Scout Enterprise tool ELIAS (eLux Image Administration Service) is on hand – to create individual software images without special knowledge of Linux. If, on top of that, individual eLux packages are required, the eLux Builder Kit helps compose and integrate them into the operating system.

Comprehensive asset management tool for thin clients and PCs

Our software enables administrators to always keep track of all thin clients, used licenses, and USB peripherals of the clients.

Clients can be started and shut down remotely. Scout Enterprise provides a “multi-administrator-policy” which allows more than one administrator to manage a thin client infrastructure. Administrators are supported by various help desk features, they are free to make use of the provided diagnostic tools or to mirrow user desktops.

Remote integration of new hardware

If a device has to be replaced, the administrator is able to integrate new hardware remotely. So, downtimes caused by defective hardware are kept to a minimum and the employees can quickly continue working.

Scout Enterprise is highly scalable and can be designed and installed for high-availability. Administrators may be assigned different access rights that can be tailored to their specific needs and particular fields of responsibility. Scout Enterprise is the perfect management software for cloud computing  solutions in combination with thin clients or common PCs.

Scout Enterprise Dashboard: Managing Thin Clients centrally via Web

In addition, even more administrators can use a web-based management console for client management, update, mirroring and much more.

Scout Enterprise Dashboard applies the access rights defined in the Scout Enterprise console and allows the administrator to analyze data on his clients, perform commands and helpdesk features.

You only need to install Scout Enterprise Dashboard once per Scout Enterprise server, and then use it from anywhere. The only thing you need is a browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.