Up-to-date with Unicon Subscription

With Subscription you are free to update our products anytime – this is the best way to keep your software up-to-date with technical developments and to gain from your investments.

Updates and upgrades of eLux® and Scout Enterprise Management Suite® guaranteed

eLux and the Scout Enterprise Management Suite are subject to continuous development and enhancement. Subscription allows our customers to benefit from this development. Subscription can be seen as an insurance in your investments. Subscription entitles you to download updates and upgrades of eLux and Scout Enterprise including all components from our technical website

Each product license already provides Subscription for one year. The validity period can be extended at low cost. Once Subscription has expired, the client still can be run with the current image or updated with software packages created before the expiry date. To use the latest software versions, however, Subscription is required.

One Subscription ‘license’ is valid for 12 months and is related to one device covering the eLux operating system and the use of the Scout Enterprise Management system. Beyond that, the validity periods of all Subscription available can be combined and consolidated in Subscription pools. There are two modes to manage Subscription:

Enterprise mode: All Subscription ‘licenses’ are consolidated in one pool on the Scout Enterprise server. Out of this pool, Subscription – and its validity period – is distributed equally to the devices. Additional Subscription can be added to the pool at any time.

OU mode: All Subscription ‘licenses’ of a top-level organization unit are consolidated in one pool. Out of this pool all devices of the organization unit are provided equally with Subscription. Additional Subscription can be added to the pools at any time.

Subscription ensures that you can always use the latest software versions of eLux and Scout Enterprise as well as the latest application versions.

Read more technical details about Subcription in our Whitepaper.