What exactly is eLux?

eLux® is a Linux-based operating system designed for the use with thin clients or regular PCs.

What exactly is Scout Enterprise?

Scout Enterprise Management Suite® is the central management solution for the Linux-based operating system eLux and the Scout Agent for Windows platforms.

Is it necessary to replace all workstations during a switch to cloud computing?

No. eLux can be installed on thin clients as well as on regular PCs. Therefore, a migration process in several stages is possible.

Is working with eLux secure?

Yes. The file system of eLux is write-protected, therefore, viruses and other malware cannot affect the data. in addition, you can use further security mechanisms such as firmware updates using certificate-based signature check, local user access control, policy rules for the use of USB mass storage data, network security through encrypted management protocol and network access control, and user autentication (User/password, smart card, biometrics).

What are the advantages of IT centralization in cloud computing and with the use of thin clients?

Thin clients are more cost efficient in acquisition, operation and maintenance than regular PCs and last but not least thin clients benefit from a longer service-life.

Can I meet the requirements of Green IT with cloud computing in combination with thin clients?

Yes. Thin clients save resources and offer low energy consumption.

Is cloud computing suited for external offices?

Yes. Through common protocols like ICA or RDP your employees can reach the whole company´s IT from everywhere.

For which practical use is eLux the right thin client operating system?

In general the thin client operating system eLux is the perfect solution for all important office applications provided on a IT back-end like e-mail and calendar software, spreadsheet programs or writing tools of all kinds. Even customized third party software is supported by eLux. The control of network-compatible hardware like printers is ensured as well.

Which thin client hardware is suited best for the software solutions Scout Enterprise and eLux?

Scout Enterprise and eLux are hardware-independent software solutions. Of course we answer gladly all your questions concerning the type of thin client and assist you in an advisory capacity. For years, we are cooperating successfully with all our OEM and technology partners, for providing you best compatibility and the most up-to-date security standards. On this website, you will find our OEM partners including contact information.

Where can I buy licenses for Scout Enterprise, eLux or Subscription?

We consider ourselves as a channel provider only. For this reason, you will find under the navigation point „Partner“ an extensive list of our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)Value Added Distributors (VAD) and “VAD Reseller“. Please contact one of these resellers regarding price inquiries and ordering processes. In case you are a reseller yourself and interested in distributing our software solutions Scout Enterprise and eLux, please contact one of our VADs.

Do I necessarily need Scout Enterprise or can eLux be used solely?

The combination of Scout Enterprise, the Thin Client management tool and eLux, the thin client operating system has been proven to be the most effective way of using our software solutions. Due to the numerous advantages of the multi-user capable Scout Enterprise console even large thin client infrastructures can be managed centrally. Administrators benefit from rapid configuration- and update processes. Of course updates can be planned for predefined thin client groups or only for one specific client. It is well-arranged and comfortable controlling an entire thin client infrastructure with the aid of Scout Enterprise.

What are the advantages of Subscription?

Subscription is a software service, which guarantees that eLux Thin Clients and Scout Enterprise support the latest software technologies, features and hardware. Within the Subscription validity period you can update to the latest software versions provided on our technical portal myelux.com. Find out more details in our Subscription White paper.

Is it possible working with Scout Enterprise and eLux when there are still regular PC’s in use?

Yes, a complete switch from regular PCs to more economical thin clients is usually not feasible. In a project based roll-out-planning – which can be coordinated with us, the removal of common PCs happens gradually. During this time-consuming period eLux can be used on every desktop-PC no matter what the clock rate of the individual processor is. This ensures that one consistent operating system is used in a company or in an organization. Thin clients and PCs are in use at the same time. Step by step the PCs will be replaced by the more cost-efficient thin clients.

What is the best approach to handle technical problems with Scout Enterprise or eLux?

If you are working with Fujitsu hardware please contact Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH directly – either by phone: 0049-89356480401 or by e-mail (technischer.support(at)ts.fujitsu.com).

If you are using hardware by other manufacturers please contact us by e-mail: support@myelux.com.

To give you the most effective support we need the following information:

a.) The complete number of all clients in your IT-infrastructure and all thin-client-models in use – including the versions of the operating system. Furthermore we need information about the virtualisation-environment: type of server (including the version) and additional server settings.

b.) The number of malfunctioning clients including the model and information about the periphery. A detailed description of the model and the functional requirement respectively the expected reaction. Please include all error messages, screenshots and the corresponding diagnosis-data ( eLux-Logs or Scout-Logs).

Is Unicon Software offering Scout Enterprise or eLux Workshops or Trainings?

We like to offer you completely individual prepared trainings. It is important for us that you inform us as detailed as possible concering your needs and requirements. Read here more about workshops and trainings regarding our cloud computing solutions Scout Enterprise and eLux.