Case Studies

Case Study: Finanz Informatik

The Finanz Informatik (FI) is the IT service provider of the German Savings Banks Finance Group and one of the largest banking IT service providers in Europe. The Finanz Informatik centrally manages and operates more than 225,000 Thin Clients equipped with Scout Enterprise Management Suite┬«  and eLux┬«.

Initial Situation

Finanz Informatik is the IT service provider of the German savings banks (Sparkasse). In 2004 a project has been established to consolidate and virtualize the IT infrastructure. In this context a comprehensive rollout of Thin Clients was planned. At that time Finanz Informatik managed and operated about 370,000 users in 16,000 locations at 1,200 institutes.

Characterized by a decentralized procurement organization, the client-server infrastructure was primarily based on PCs. More than 25 different types of hardware were used. On the software side core applications were already largely consolidated and terminal server capable.

Customer requirements and tasks

  • The most important customer requirement was to implement a comprehensive management solution for Thin Clients.
  • The high availability of the banking operations should also be ensured by using a hardware-independent solution.
  • Centralized hosting of applications should allow the use of low-cost Thin Clients with an appropriate operating system.
  • There should be a multi-sourcing approach to minimize risks with the Thin Client hardware.


  • In the first step, different Thin Client manufacturers and types of hardware were analyzed by Finanz Informatik.
  • As a result, a software provider had to be selected, who was able to offer a suitable operating system (not proprietary) as well as a centralized management solution. For both solutions hardware independence was a key issue.
  • Unicon Software was the only software vendor on the market and was able to meet the requirements specified by the Finanz Informatik.
  • Only within 6 months period the following test and the pilot phase of the Unicon Software solutions Scout Enterprise and eLux was completed successfully.
  • Special features of the solution in use:
    • Hardware-independent operating system and management solution
    • Large enterprise functionality and high availability
    • Unlimited scalability
    • Intuitive usable management solution, including the transferability of licenses and opportunities for migration from PC to Thin Client
    • Easy setup of Thin Clients in the environment
    • Support of network printers and industry-specific devices
  • Even after completion of the test phase, each bank had the option either to acquire the new software solution or maintaining their existing infrastructure.

Implementation of the solution

  • Fall 2006: The rollout of Thin Clients with the software solution Scout Enterprise and eLux starts.
  • As a result more and more institutes were convinced of the Unicon solution. In September 2009, more than 100,000 Thin Clients were operated by eLux and managed by Scout Enterprise. This comes up to an average exchange of 160 clients per working day.
  • Today more than 225,000 clients have been equipped with eLux and Scout Enterprise at the branch network the German savings banks (Sparkassen).
  • According to these figures, this installation is the largest centrally managed Thin Client installation worldwide.