Thin Client Computing and -Managament

Thin Client Solutions

Thin Client is a well-known term in the IT world. Thin clients are end devices (components) in a server-based network without moving parts integrated like hard drives or fans. This kind of IT centralization is enabled by cloud computing. For the efficient use of Thin Clients benefitting from high level performance within a network, an operating system (Thin Client OS) is necessary.

Continuous further development and cooperation with Thin Client manufacturers

Unicon Software has been consequently developping the operating system eLux®, which is also specifically designed for x86 and ARM based Thin Clients.

The management solution Scout Enterprise offers the suitable supervisory program for a heterogeneous Thin Client infrastructure. In cooperation with important Thin Client manufacturers, among them Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, NEXterminal, Samsung and VXL Instruments, Unicon Software has become one of the leading providers of software solutions.
For years, leading software providers like Citrix, Microsoft and VMware have been Unicon’s technology partners.

The advantages of Thin Clients are numerous. These devices are cost efficient, environmentally friendly and offer a high security standard as well as great flexibility. Unicon Software is the perfect partner for developing customized thin client solutions closely together with you. Of course the approaches compiled are especially suited according to your company’s requirements.

Here you find further information regardingthe Scout Enterprise Management Suite and eLux.