Ability to migrate with software investment protection

Optimal Solutions through Flexible Migration

Every modification of the IT infrastructure of a company bears risks and requires careful planning. Often, a company aims to keep already existing hardware but wants to assure the same functionalities on every single workstation. This can be achieved by flexible migration procedures with Unicon solutions.

Unicon software solutions work with all existing PC workstations

Our understanding of cloud computing is focused on the operating system eLux®. You can use your existing hardware – only the installation of eLux is essential. Therefore, it is assured that the same software is installed on the already existing workstations as on the new, deployed hardware. Employees can use effectively any free available workstation. This is possible through remote desktop solution. Therefore, an easy access to the software which is located in the cloud is perfectly given.

At the same time, the shared operating software ensures a high level of migration ability. If existing PCs are written off, they will simply be replaced by an economical Thin Client. This procedure ensures that the switch to cloud computing takes place at minimum costs. You can use the full depreciation period for the existing hardware while switching to Thin Clients follows gradually.

Every acquired Scout Enterprise and eLux license can be migrated free of charge to the new hardware.