Unicon Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already revolutionized the IT world. Unicon is one of the forerunners in developing proper IT solutions. Data is stored on a central server structure and can be reached from everywhere. With the aid of server based computing and desktop virtualization companies can realize their individual IT architecture, completely independent of special hardware manufacturers – flexible, cost efficient and of course completely secure.

Availability of data is guaranteed anytime

The provider of a cloud service offers the technical infrastructure and guarantees high availability. Even when a server has to be shut down for maintenance or drops out due to a technical defect, the data are still available. Data are redundantly stored on several servers. Changes of data are replicated in milliseconds on all servers.

However, not only the permanent availability is an argument for cloud computing. Furthermore, protection against intentional or unintentional deleting of data is important. Cloud computing offers the possibility of saving data on external systems – permanently or in intervals. If data gets lost due to an operating error or a technical defect, obsolete versions can easily be restored. A history of all modifications in data can be provided as well. Therefore, administrators are able to control all modifications in data, carried out by the employees.

Reach your data from anyplace

Another advantage of cloud computing or IT centralization is the possibility for you to reach your data from anyplace. Data centers are connected by fast internet connections. Through those connections, it is possible for foreign branches or employees working in a home office to reach company´s data at any time. This principle works from all over the world as long there is an internet connection available as well as a remote desktop application.

Since the whole computing power is centralized on the server, the computers in the offices only have to process the input and display of data. The necessary Thin Clients are less expensive when it comes to the original costs than regular PCs. Due to their small frames and the low heat development, there is no need for additional noisy ventilators. The lower energy demand is an important contribution to “Green IT”, which makes information technology more environment-friendly.

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