Unicon Data Security

Thin client computing in combination with the efficient software solutions provided by Unicon offers a maximum in data security. Our software solutions are powerful against web threats and physical endangerment like a power failure. Company data is stored cumulatively on a central server. No data is stored on an individual thin client or PC.

Due to the benefits of our write-protected file system, your company is secured twice – against data loss caused by a hardware defect or against viruses, Trojans and other cyber attacks.

Data security is without a doubt one of the major issues for every software solution. Basically, there is a distinction between logical and physical security of the data.

Protection against manipulation and spying of data

Part of the logical level of data security is the protection against intentional or unintentional change of the data and against the spying of data.

The biggest threat using a regular PC is in the modification of data. Moreover, the dangers exist that data will be spied or deleted by malware, malicious viruses or Trojans. Cloud computing solutions with eLux and thin clients provide in combination the best security against these threats. Malware especially written for PC operating systems like Windows does not affect thin clients or PCs equipped with eLux. Thus, there are no chances for threats. Additionally the server-client structure of a cloud computing solution provides powerful protection, because the processing of data only happens in the secure environment of the data center. The thin client is required only for input and display. Therefore, a changing of data directly on the thin client caused by malware is not possible.

Additional protection on the logical level of data security is possible due to the function that individual users have to register and therefore, they get allocated access rights for specific tasks.
The copying of data on external storage devices like the use of an USB flash drive can be disabled. Furthermore, it is possible to detect exactly which employee changed specific data. There is no data directly saved on a thin client flash, therefore, even theft of a thin client cannot cause any data loss.

High security standards in the data centers

Physical data security is provided by the high standards of security in the cloud data-centers. Strict admission control ensures that no unauthorized personnel have access to the IT infrastructure. Data backups guarantee that accidentally deleted data can be restored. If it is necessary server and whole data centers can be installed redundantly so that a hardware failure does not affect the normal working process.

Emergency generators ensure the operation even during failure of the regular power supply. Automatic fire protection provided with early warning systems, guards the data centers against fire hazards.