Green IT

Green IT – Important Aspect of Unicon IT Soultions

Green IT has become an important issue in the information technology. Power consumption of data centers and IT infrastructures increased immensely in recent years. Not at least because of the continuing relocation of data into various cloud-services. Regular PCs still engage a high energy demand. Moreover, high environmental burden are caused by the production of common PCs and after their end of live (EOL) the disposal of them causes also environmental damages. Data centers demand even more power consumption and therefore, they cause even more environmental pollution.

According to studies by the German Federal Environment Ministry and the German industry association “BITKOM”, experts assume that power consumption caused by workstation computers in Germany will be cut by half in upcoming years, due to the consequent development of Green IT – from 4.217 gigawatt hours (GW-h) in 2013 to 2.137 GW-h in 2020.

Less environmental burden and lower cost with IT solutions by Unicon

Cloud computing in combination with thin clients which are equipped with IT solutions of Unicon Software, implicate many advantages. Beginning with the manufacturing process of the thin clients, less environmental burden is caused due to the client- server structure of the devices. During working process the thin client hardware consumes significantly less power. Generally, Green IT protects the environment and it saves companies financial resources regarding the budget for IT, due to lower energy costs.

Less power consumption usually means a longer service life. Components of regular PCs mostly fail due to the heat load caused by high power consumption. Thin Clients running at low operating temperature, so their service life is much longer. Replacement of a thin client is rarely essential. This is Green IT which lowers your costs immensely.

Also the disposal of voluminous hardware causes environmental burdens. Thin clients are equipped with a small frame and in the inside with few components. Already during manufacturing process of thin clients there is always a focus on the latter, effective waste management. Thus, recycling of thin clients is quite easy to handle.