Total Cost of Ownership

Unicon Total Cost of Ownership

What are the total costs for information technology in your company? In many companies this is hard to pin down, because hardware is bought and renewed in different intervals than the software. Hence, “Total Cost of Ownership” offers a profound basis of assessment. It considers all costs of IT solutions, from acquiring to disposal. Therewith aspects like software-installation, repairs and disposal of hardware are important elements in the calculation of the total costs.

Low acquisition costs for hardware

IT centralization with thin clients in cloud computing offers distinct cost advantages – starting with the purchase price of a thin client which is distinctively lower than the purchase price of regular PCs. A thin client is only used for the input and display of data. Cost intensive components like efficient processors, internal memory and hard drives are omitted. The user has access to data, applications and powerful hardware in the data center.

Central administration saves even more costs

High costs for the installation of software are omitted too. The administration of the thin clients is centralized; applications and programs are assigned virtually to the respective user. So it is possible at any time that an employee has access to the necessary programs to perform a new task – without the assistance of an engineer for installing new software on the thin client on site. In case of failure of a thin client the hardware can easily be replaced by any employee. Integration into the network and activation of the software happens centralized through Unicon Software´s Scout Enterprise.

Total Cost of Ownership – cloud computing solutions in combination with thin clients offer distinct advantages.